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Why planning for your child’s education important?

Planning is important, be it for any aspect of your life. It becomes extremely important when it comes to your child’s education.
The education costs have been rising and it is further fuelled by excessive competition. Be it any sphere, the competition is inevitable.
Hence, pre planning the expenses for your child’s education becomes your priority, only after your retirement.

What is child education calculator?

If you have not planned for the same yet, through child education calculator, you can have an estimate that how much corpus you’ll be accumulating by the time he/she is ready for higher education.
For that, you don’t need to do complex calculations all by yourself. You just need to put in few basic details such as your child’s present age, the age at which he/she will be joining a course for which you’ll need to plan and invest and the duration of the course ( 3 years/ 4 years/ etc.). You also need to enter the present cost of the course, the savings you have accumulated, and the return you are expecting.

Benefits of Child Education Calculator

If one has not pre planned educational expenses, it is obvious that on D-Day or during financial crisis, one will resort to education loan.

It is anyday better to pre plan and invest rather than opt for loan and pay Equated Monthly Installments. EMI should be the last option that one should consider as it is a huge burden on your income.

Hence, to plan ahead for few years is a brilliant idea and for that this calculator comes to your aid for free!
All the complex calculations are done by the calculator itself, you need to put just the basic details.