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Mutual fund


Mutual fund is common pool of money, which investors place their contributions, to invested in accordance with the stated objective. The ownership of funds is joint or ‘mutual’; that fund belongs to investors. A single investor’s ownership of fund is same proportionate the amount of contribution made by him or her bears to total amount of fund.

Advantage of investing through mutual funds:

Asset allocation, diversification, professionals at work, reduction in transaction costs, easy access to your money, transparency, saving taxes, well regulated industry, convenient & flexible.

Types of mutual fund schemes:

Equity funds, Hybrid funds, Debt (fixed income) funds, Liquid funds, ELSS (tax saving U/s 80c)

Mutual fund investment strategies:

Systematic investment Plan (SIP) – Best suited to build the wealth over a period of time. SIPs entail an investor to invest a fixed sum of money at regular intervals in the mutual fund scheme the investor has chosen. For instance, an investor opting for SIP in XYZ mutual fund scheme will need to invest a certain sum of money every month/quarter/half year in the scheme.

Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) –

These plans are best suited for people nearing retirement. In these plans an investor invests in mujtual fund scheme and is allowed to withdraw fixed sm of money at regular intervals take care of his expenses.

Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) –

The allow investor to transfer on periodic basis at specified amount from one scheme to another, within the same fund family. A transfer will treated as redemption of units from the scheme from which the transfer is made redemption or investment, these applicable NAV. This service allows investor to manage investments actively the achieve objectives.

Health Insurance


Healthcare costs and instances of diseases are increasing. Health insurance can reimburse there expenses incurred on treatment of illness or injury. The insured person not dig out this investments or saving targeted for different financial goals viz., children eduation, retirement etc. Insured people receive time medical care.



Fulfilling the expectations of child is every parent’s dream. Children have different aspirations from Engineer, Doctor to an Astronaut. There are no limits to a child’s imagination. As parent too, you hope to give full reign to their dreams. But, have you also factored in their reality?
With the rise in career avenues, more candidates are vying for the same. Recent data from 2008 to 2018 shows that the no. of applications for IITs have gone up from 1.78 lakhs to 12 lakhs, Medical entrance exams have gone up from 2.3 lakhs to 12 lakhs and CAT exams have gone up from 96,000 to 2.31 lakhs.
In the last 10 years alone, education fees have risen by 150% for school and tution, 175% for private schools and 96% for technical courses.
And for high in-demand degrees, fees have drastically inflated by 5 to 10 times in last 15 years. To achieve the targeted amount one should start investing from the day one of child birth and that too in instruments which offer more returns than the inflation. We help parent assess the requirement and suggest appropriate products for investment.



Retirement is one of the most important life events that many of us will ever experience. This is that stage in which we only have cash outflows. Despite of only cash outflows there are many myths for not planning, like I am not too old, I will wait for a lump sum, I am having family or external support, I will not live that long or I won’t retire.

Why you should go for Retirement Planning?

You don’t want to rely on the welfare system to finance your retirement years. You won’t to have to live with your children just because you can’t afford your living expenses. Saving in a tax-free account reduces your income taxes. Saving in a tax-deferred account produces a compound effect on your return-on-investment.
Basically retirement planning is essential to maintain your life living standard. It is a future assurance that you no longer need to worry and dependent about your expenses like medical, daily expenses when you permanently retire from your job.
We prepare retirement planning as per your retirement goals, current financial condition, and expected income after retirement keeping in mind your current expenses.
Retirement planning gives suggestions on easy adjustment to expenses and financial needs post retirement, avoiding any dramatic change in your life style post retirement from job, availing significant tax benefits that you can get on your retirement pension plan account and providing financial protection to the people dependent on you for any kind of financial support.



Tax saving is also a part of over all investment. There are various instruments available in the market for tax saving purpose. Viz., NSC, Life Insurance policies, PPF, specific bank fixed deposits, Mutual fund ELSS funds, New pension scheme, Mediclaim etc. Each one has its pros and cons. Based on the individual evaluation we suggest appropriate instruments, wherein lock in period, liquidity, risk, tax liability on returns and over all returns are considered.